Frédérique Meyerson

Frédérique MEYERSON

Real Estate Agent

Languages spoken




Commitment and sincerity


Debuting her career in the art world, Frédérique segued into public relations building experience over a number of years across a range of sectors, from haute couture, to the automobile industry, and the organisation of cultural and humanitarian events.


Her taste for fabrics, furnishings, and all the details that make a home naturally led her to a career in real estate.

100% enamoured by her new role, it’s with commitment, sincerity, and a wealth of knowledge founded in her diverse experience that she dedicates herself to each of her clients’ unique projects.

The coaching service she provides in parallel to her real estate activities facilitates an easy familiarity with each of her clients, and a clear definition of the individual goals and priorities of each.

“The acquisition of property is always a point at which life moves on. It’s a renewal, a step forward. It’s at this point that the role of a real estate agent is crucial. We act as a partner in this important moment in the life of our buyers.”


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