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Guy Bécheau’s long legs carry him tirelessly across the neighbourhood to the homes of his clients. He’s not easy to pin down, but what a treat! Mischievous with the gift of the gab: « I was an average student » he confesses off-hand, and yet, as it happens this is no bad thing, especially when hidden underneath is a hardworking disposition. Coming to Paris after a brief foray into agriculture, Guy discovered his talent for business. Hired by a real estate agency, he made his first sale after only 8 days. It was the beginning of his longstanding passion for the business that remains intact after 25 years.

In 1991, he convinced his old colleague, Hugues de la Morandière, to create an agency. “We compliment each other: he manages development, me, I guide the agents. It’s a tough business, but one that comes naturally when one has an affinity for people, and for connecting them. Respect for the client is essential, and involves knowing when to bring the buyer and the seller back down to earth. My two Partners and I share the same goals, and we continue to favour a qualitative approach to our profession. We work in a sector that we very much enjoy, in which we generate repeat business, in which we are recognised, and that, that is very important.”

His favourite memory:“One day, I got a call from an art dealer. I found myself in a appartment stuffed full of tableaux by Masters. A tiny private museum, created with passion, amazing. I asked permission to stay for a moment to admire the works in silence. Later, the owner said to me : you, you know how to appreciate people. When that sort of trust is built, that makes me happy.”

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