Gabriel Malassis


Real Estate Agent

Languages spoken




Curiosity, tenacity, and an appetite for a challenge


After time spent at the heart of one of the largest French banks in raw materials international trade finance, he’s joined Agence Varenne with the goal of building his reputation on the Right Bank. 

His interest in the property market is above all driven by his predilection for hidden, unique, properties concealed behind a carriage door or a Haussmannian façade, complemented by his desire to work at the heart of a business that echoes his strongly held values: team work and great service. 

Ever since his childhood spent in the United States, Gabriel has drawn upon his ability to adapt and his openness that today are great assets to his work. “We need to demonstrate our objectivity in order to truly and pertinently support a seller’s, or a purchaser’s, project. Such professional candour is borne out of an ability to listen and analyse that allows the identification, development, and valuation of a project. There is nothing more satisfying than gaining a client’s absolute trust.” 


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