Anne La Clavière


Real Estate Agent

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There are few buildings in the neighbourhood she has not set foot in


Everything about her exudes the energy and warmth of the mother of a family. She started out as a press attaché, but it is in the last 7 years, at Agence Varenne, that she has found a home for her strength and tenacity in a profession for which she is a natural.

“One needs intuition in order to really understand what people want, and one must be inventive when the realities of the market oblige them to watch their dreams fade. We have a big responsibility, because people are committing to a financial and human-interest project on a grand scale. Nothing pleases me more than to uncover the place in which my clients will find happiness. I believe I have this talent”, she adds, and we don’t doubt her.

Her strength: she knows the neighbourhood like the back of her hand, particularly the 7th where she lives and where her three children go to school. There are, without doubt, few buildings she has not set foot in…


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Anne La Clavière