Jean-Charles Calot

Jean-Charles CALOT

Real Estate Agent

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Only a truthful position will distinguish us in a very competitive marketplace


With a stentorian voice and the effective speech of a leader Jean-Charles holds his own in this predominantly female world. A graduate of the Ecole de commerce, he has behind him a long career within large-scale businesses and on an international level, with all sorts of management experience such as the organisiation of the 1998 Word Cup alongside Platini. 

“My expertise in customer relations serves me well, and it is one of the most interesting aspects of the job. When one has made the choice, as we have, to focus on quality, one is required to seek out rare gems, not to spread oneself too thin, and to take the necessary time to to find the right buyer. We are in a service market in which people have the right to expect a level of service that matches the level of their investment.” 

His principle: “We have a brand to uphold. Loosing a client costs us dearly. Focusing our sights on good clients, having them understand our truthful position, that is how we succeed. If a client is content, he will tell his best friends.”


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Jean-Charles Calot