Caroline Guerrier


Director, Left Bank Bureaux

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Real estate ethnologist


‘Guerrier’ (meaning ‘warrior’) is an appropriate name for this Paris native who has already lived several lives: first in North America, then in Geneva, with several extended stays in Morocco or Greece, wherever her university research took her. As an anthropologist specialised in international development, the author of scientific documentaries and a gemmologist, her exceptional career illustrates her insatiable curiosity and is a real advantage in her profession: “An understanding of human relations, a real interest in other people, and an analytical mind are the ingredients necessary to capture our clients attention and to best advise them in the context of current market trends. A good real estate agent must in their own way ‘profile’ their clients. They must understand the person that stands before them, speak their language, and find the home that suits their personality perfectly without wasting the client’s time. My knowledge of anthropology helps me figure out and understand people so that I can advise them on their projects. In my opinion, commercial good sense is knowing above all, how to adapt to the needs of others, and that’s something that cannot be taught.”

She believes : “That a real estate transaction is an art form. Whatever the circumstances, good advice, honesty, and transparency are the key values that really are this Agency’s strength.”

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Caroline Guerrier