Anne-Constance Helly

Anne-Constance HELLY

Communication Manager

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Anne-Constance built her career in the worlds of marketing and event planning, working with leading brands such as IBM and Nexans. A choice that seemed self-evident after her studies at business school. 

Her enthusiasm and her originality are in tune with the Agency’s values and are distinguished by her wealth of resources, her ability to quickly respond to every challenge, and her experience founded on her high-standards. “This is why I find this profession so interesting: one is both a player and at the same time a “conductor”, in contact with service providers, international players, and the agency’s whole team.” 

Her reactivity and her practicality produce remarkable off the cuff “symphonies”: events, campaigns, and above all fortuitous meetings. 

Her goal: to strengthen and develop public relations in harmony with the Agency’s spirit and values.


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Anne-Constance Helly