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A passion for beautiful and multiple lives: Timothy is a contemporary Chateaubriand, and devoid of boredom.


After graduating from a business school and specializing in financial engineering, he began his career in mergers and acquisitions in a newly created Parisian investment bank. After having accompanied his clients in their investment decisions, he wants to go to the other side of the table. He then embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure, first by creating a web start-up and then by joining an english company specialized in the seasonal rental of luxury goods with hotel services. It will contribute to the growth of the very young Paris office by developing the exclusive portfolio of apartments of the company.

During this last experience, Timothée was able to impose his style and bring his technical knowledge on the files followed. Selecting the most beautiful Parisian apartments while building strong relationships with their owners has become his specialty; the quest for the beautiful as encounter more than as conception of the spirit, its objective.

"A brand and advertisements allow to communicate with its customers; and - almost - everyone knows how to do it. Two things make the difference: the discipline of a team that focuses solely on what it can do best - advice on real estate transactions in the Parisian luxury market - and the quality of relations it maintains with its customers. For me, this is where Agence Varenne stands out for almost 25 years. "


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