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Deciding where to live is important choice in assuring your happiness and essential to a day-to-day life in which you thrive


From his country roots, Pierre settled in Paris and along the way amassed a wealth of experience journeying through France’s corridors of power, audio-visual media roles, and work within corporate PR and marketing. Whilst undeniably eclectic, his experience is solidly anchored in his passion for human relations.

His love of history and the places affected by it naturally led him to a career in real estate and specially Agence Varenne because its rapport with clients and welcoming atmosphere mirror his own way of being. His well-honed ability to adapt and sincere empathy are valuable assets in identifying client expectations and forging lasting relationships of trust.

« These are the bedrock of successfully advising clients throughout a project that is significant to their future happiness. »


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Pierre d'Alançon