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"There is a great desire for a place to live that offers well-being, an anchorage from which to realize dreams - and this desire is becoming more pressing as mobility and the virtual world gain ground in our lives. But fortunately there are also some things that don’t change! The quality of the meeting that precedes the completion of a project; the timeless magic of certain places that are still well-kept secrets, the changes that mark the major stages in our lives. Our imagination works to restore the life and beauty of old places. Working in our business in Paris is an exciting adventure at the crossroads of history and our destinies."

Hugues de La Morandière, co-founder of Agence Varenne

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MyRealParis - The Agence Varenne blog

"Investing in a place to live is a major decision in our lives. Investing in Paris in the luxury real estate is an opportunity that has to be guided by both the heart and head. Our blog aims to offer you a look at a variety of subjects with the aim of enriching your vision, clarifying your thoughts and so help you realize your plan to buy or sell in the most beautiful districts in our capital." Hugues de La Morandière


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