Andréa Boström Mouls


Real Estate Agent

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One must be both trustworthy and confident while advising a client on a decision of such importance.

After graduating from Stockholm University with a degree in Art and Architecture, she decided to move to Paris in 2004 and promptly fell in love with the city. Captivated by the Left Bank architecture, she has since relished the opportunity to pursue her passion for the past ten years. She is a gifted photographer, and this talent completes her artistic journey.

After ten years in the business, she is now a seasoned expert in Paris real estate and handles complex files with the same ease with which she navigates her way through Paris.

Discovering and helping others discover are the driving forces behind her daily life, and she is an enthusiastic guide to her clients, both French and international. 


Her gift: Tailor-made approach. Being aware and understanding of each and every aspect of a project. In this profession, one requires the ability to switch seamlessly from psychology to sales without hesitation.

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Andréa Boström Mouls